About The Program

Utah Surgical Arts is proud to announce the Share A Smile program, which provides the opportunity for a second chance at an improved smile for one person in the community. You may be a candidate for the Share A Smile program if you require a substantial amount of oral surgery to restore your smile and oral health; whether you have multiple missing teeth or your overall oral health is consistently worsening, the Share A Smile program may be the solution you need. Drs. Park, Brown, and Harris will thoroughly examine the condition of the selected recipient of our Share A Smile program before developing the best form of treatment. If you wish to apply, please complete the application and share your story. We look forward to giving one deserving candidate in Provo, Utah, a second chance to be confident in their smile.

About Share A Smile

The Share A Smile program is intended to give a worthy member of our community a second chance at life by giving them a brand new smile. Utah Surgical Arts is proud to be able to share this opportunity with our community because we know how important a smile can be. Having confidence in your smile can completely transform your outlook on life, which is why the chosen recipient of the Share A Smile program will have their smile completely restored with brand new, custom-designed, natural-looking teeth. Drs. Park, Harris, and Brown will review all applications after the submission period ends on 12/18/2015 before meeting with each candidate to hear their individual story; following these meetings, the doctors will mutually decide which deserving patient to select.

Why You Should Apply

We at Utah Surgical Arts believe everybody deserves to have good oral health and a smile they can be proud to show off. If you suffer from any variety of oral health issues and need oral procedures that you cannot afford, then the Share A Smile program is perfect for you. The final decision regarding the recipient will rely on several factors, and we encourage you to apply for the chance at a new set of beautiful, fully functioning teeth.

Dr. Michael D. Harris, DDS, MD

I have been practicing oral and maxillofacial surgery since 1998, and I am excited to take this next step in my career by giving back to our community. I look forward to utilizing the skills I acquired while completing my dual degree in dentistry and medicine to help restore someone’s oral health and function. While it won’t be easy to pick only one recipient for this exciting opportunity, I know it will be a rewarding journey to embark upon. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be able to improve the quality of someone else’s life.

Dr. David A. Park, DDS, MD

As one of the oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Utah Surgical Arts, I am happy to announce the first annual Share A Smile program. I am proud to take part in the program and look forward to using my skills and expertise in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery to change someone’s life and give them a second chance at a beautiful smile. As difficult as it will be to narrow down the applicants to just one recipient, I am excited to share this journey with a deserving member of our community.

Dr. Jared M. Brown, DDS, MD

Being from Utah, I am more than excited at the opportunity to give back to this wonderful community by providing someone with a beautiful new smile. The Share A Smile program is a great way to change someone’s life and give them the confidence in their smile that they deserve. I feel lucky to be able to participate in the recipient’s journey towards a new life; despite how hard it will be to have to pick only one recipient, it will be well worth it to see their new smile once treatment is completed and they have regained their oral health and function.

Utah Surgical Arts

As the only AAAHC-accredited oral and maxillofacial surgery practice in Utah, Utah Surgical Arts takes great pride in the high quality and compassionate care we offer each patient that enters our office. As our practice continues growing and becomes more well known throughout our community, we look forward to continuing this excellence in patient care. Each member of our staff is trained to help and assist you in any way you need, and we appreciate the opportunity to treat you.

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Although we can only choose one recipient, you haven't missed your opportunity. We will offer the Share a Smile Program every year, so share your story or the story of someone you love.

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